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2种根管治疗方法的体内、外 实验比较


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Comparison of two kinds of root canal treatment in vivo and in vitro

  • Received:2012-11-12 Revised:2012-12-13 Online:2013-06-28 Published:2013-07-12

摘要: 目的 将Twisted file与Guttaflow常温流动牙胶联合应用于根管治疗,与传统K锉预备+牙胶侧方加压的根管充填方法做体内体外、外实验比较。方法 临床实验120例下颌双尖牙根管治疗病例,对照组(K锉)和实验组(TF)各60例。对照组用0.02锥度K锉行根管预备后,用Cortisomol糊剂+0.02锥度牙胶行侧方加压充填根管。实验组用TF预备根管,Guttaflow联合大锥度牙胶尖充填根管。记录两组患者术后疼痛情况,术后3、6、12个月复查患牙状况。体外实验52颗离体下颌双尖牙,对照(K锉)组和实验(TF)组各26例,根管治疗步骤同临床实验。染料渗透法行根尖微渗漏比较。结果 临床实验中实验组术后1 d疼痛情况优于对照组;远期疗效术后3个月复查两组间无统计学差异,6、12个月复查实验组优于对照组。体外实验离体牙染料渗透法显示实验组根尖密闭性优于对照组。结论 TF联合Guttaflow根管治疗法优于传统K锉预备+牙胶侧方加压法,值得临床推广应用。

关键词: Twisted file, K锉, Guttaflow, Twisted file, K file , Guttaflow

Abstract: Objective To combine Twisted file and Guttaflow gutta-percha in root canal therapy, compare it with the traditional root canal treatment of K file + gutta-percha lateral compaction in vivo and in vitro. Methods The clinical experiment included 120 cases of mandibular premolars treated with root canal therapy, with 60 patients separately in control ( K file ) group and experimental ( TF ) group. Root canals in the control group were filled with paste Cortisomol +0.02 tapered gutta-percha by lateral condensation after root canal preparation with K file in 0.02 taper. Root canals in the experimental group were filled with Guttaflow+ large tapered gutta-percha after root canal preparation with TF. Record postoperative pain conditions in two groups of patients, and review tooth condition 3, 6, 12 months after operation. The vitro experiment included 52 isolated mandibular premolars, with 26 teeth separately in control ( K file ) group and experimental ( TF ) group. The root canal treatment steps were the same with the clinical experiment. Dye penetration method was used to compare the micro leakage of root apices. Results One day after operation,the pain condition of experimental group was better than that of control group; there was no significant difference between the two groups in long term treatment effects 3 months after operation,but 6, 12 months later, the treatment effect in experimental group was better than that of control group. Dye penetration method used in in vitro experiment revealed that apical sealing of the experimental group was better than that of the control group.Conclusion The root canal therapy method of Twisted file + Guttaflow is better than K file + gutta-percha by lateral condensation. It is worthy of clinical application.