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Research progress of miR-34a in the field of stomatology

  • Received:2014-12-19 Revised:2015-01-20 Online:2015-06-28 Published:2015-07-01
  • Contact: Han GAO E-mail:463672639@qq.com

摘要: [摘要] 微小分子RNA(microRNAs,miRNAs)是一类内源性非编码小分子RNA,可以通过阻遏靶mRNA的翻译或降解靶mRNA调节基因表达。众多miRNAs中,microRNA-34a(miR-34a)是新近发现且备受关注的miRNAs之一。目前关于miR-34a的研究主要集中在其抗肿瘤作用上,关于其在口腔疾病中的研究较少。本文论述miR-34a可以抑制牙周炎炎症反应,抑制舌鳞状细胞癌的转移和侵袭以及促进牙乳头细胞分化,综述miR-34a在口腔医学领域中的研究进展,为深入认识miR-34a在口腔疾病中的作用奠定基础。

关键词: miR-34a, 牙周炎, 破骨细胞分化, 舌鳞状细胞癌, 牙乳头分化

Abstract: Abstracts: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenously expressed small noncoding RNAs that regulate gene expression by either inhibiting translation or by inducing degradation of their target messenger RNAs (mRNAs). Among lots of miRNAs, miR-34a is a kind of miRNAs that is recently discovered and attracts much attention. Current researches on miR-34a mainly focus on its antitumor effect while its role in oral diseases lacks attention. This review argues that miR-34a can inhibit periodontitis inflammatory responses and the invasion of tongue squamous cell carcinoma (TSCC), and it can also promote cytodifferentiation of human dental papilla cells. Besides, current reports of miR-34a in the field of oral medicine are reviewed to lay a foundation for further understanding the roles of miR-34a in oral diseases.

Key words: miR-34a, periodontitis, osteoclast differentiation, tongue squamous cell carcinoma, dental papilla cell differentiation